First steps in LogicalPlan

Welcome to LogicalPlan!

Control Panel

Control panel is the main area as the heading suggests, it is your most basic section in LogicalPlan from where you control all the functions. It is found on the left side of your screen as you enter the app and it will be visible in all parts of the app as well.

Why is the Control Panel so important?

You will find here a tab called “My tasks”. It is an entire overview of all your tasks that you either cooperate with your team on or you are solely responsible for. Most importantly, you can organize your own tasks here. You can read more about “My Tasks” tab here

Control panel also features an entire list of workspaces. The workspaces that are most important, for example those that you are currently working on or urgent ones can be marked as “liked” hence these will be shown first on the list. The rest will come in alphabetical order.

Why should you be creating workspaces and how can LogicalPlan make your work easier?

Control Panel offers an option to create a new workspace by clicking on + add a workspace.

Workspace is an area where you can control any project. By project we mean for example a new product you are working on, an activity that repeats regularly or anything you are actually working on.

Not only will your projects be easily managed, but also thanks to LogicalPlan you will have a complete overview of all of them in one place therefore you can promptly react to any changes that might occur during completion.

How can you effectively develop products with the LogicalPlan?

Let’s use the LogicalPlan app as an example. We want to constantly improve our app as we don’t want to fall behind in the market. That’s why we are adding new features and listen to our customers to fulfill their needs.

Therefore one of our workspace is called “LogicalPlan Roadmap”.

Our default Task list contains groups of tasks based on time frame – in our case it is quarterly time frame. Then we started to create precise tasks that represent the desired new features for our app. We created our own field to easily and effectively evaluate which feature will become part of our app and which will not make it.

Thanks to this “LogicalPlan Roadmap” workspace we are able to recognise the right features for our app that will benefit us.

We save plenty of time and it gives us a great overview and estimate on when the new features will be ready. It guides our steps as we then know when to start preparing for marketing the new features and we do not waste anyone’s time.

We just introduced you to one of many great ways to use the LogicalPlan app. Our app has 2 important tools:

Try it. It is easy!

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