Plans and billing


This plan is completely free. You can add an unlimited number of members and create an unlimited number of projects. It is a simple and effective tool for teams that need easy collaboration.

What functions offers the free version?

The “Task list” tool belongs among the most important functions. It is a tool where you can see all the tasks and task groups that are part of a particular workspace.

By using a filter, that is an essential feature of the task list, you are able to quickly find out for example how many tasks one member has to complete, their progress and whether it is running on time.

Task list tool also enables you to create your own fields for clear arrangement of the tasks. The FREE version will, hower, limit the number of new fields in the workspace you can create.

Example #1: Overview of costs for each task

Do you need an overview of costs for each task? There is nothing simpler than creating a customized text field called “COST”. You will fill in a realistic expense for each task and you will be able to check during the project whether you are meeting your budget or not.

Example #2: Effective cooperation on tasks with external suppliers

Do you need to speed up and effectively solve a cooperation on tasks with an external supplier? Or alternatively you need an approval of documents by your client?

To make the communication flowing just open the task detail, invite the client to the task but as a guest member. You will do that by typing the client’s email, he or she will then receive an automated email with a direct link to the particular task detail you would like them to be involved in. The client DOES NOT have to register for LogicalPlan

Client or external supplier can:

  • Communicate with you through the comment window
  • Add attachments like a booking form or invoice
  • Download/upload attachments like an order form for example
  • See only one particular task detail

Client or external supplier cannot:

  • Change the task setting
  • Browse any part of the LogicalPlan

How to invite guest in LogicalPlan

This feature allows you to cooperate with an unlimited amount of guests. It is a fast solution for your communication needs that will save you time. It’s time to start working effectively with LogicalPlan.


Our business plan is perfect for work teams and small or larger businesses that need the tool for advanced company management and project management.

This version of LogicalPlan gives you the ability to plan a project at 2 levels independently. It is about strategic planning and operational planning of projects.

BUSINESS plan contains all the features of FREE plan plus additional features and functions. Let’s explore these now.

TIP: Work distribution between team members

There can be a situation when a team member is sick or will need to take an unplanned leave. That could have a negative effect on your project as you might not be able to meet its deadline.

The teamworkload tool will come very handy in a situation like this as you can distribute work between other members based on their workload. The drag and drop function will make it quick and easy to do.

Try it and see for yourself!

Timeline tool function

Timeline tool is a subsequent tool to Task list, it serves as an easier project overview tool. The moment you add a date to a task, the task will appear automatically on the timeline.

Thanks to the timeline you can easily plan the course of your project. You will see all the tasks in sequence. If you need to quickly reorganize the work, you can use the drag and drop function.

By holding down the task you can also extend it or shorten it or you have the option to create dependencies between one task to another. We will discuss dependencies in a separate article. Timeline is basically a place where you can find out if you are meeting deadlines or not. 

Creating task list in seconds

Mind Map tool function

Mind map tool function with its visual project structure will minimize the risk of forgetting important tasks. During the project you can expand the structure or modify it.

All the changes you make in Mind map tool are automatically transferred  to other tools throughout LogicalPlan. Visual planning is enjoyable and you will reach better outcomes.

See how fast and fun is it to create a mind map

Member Roles

Business version allows you to create and set member’s roles so you can easily distinguish for example external workers from internal project managers. There are 2 types of roles available in LogicalPlan and each has different attributes.

Task list tool

In comparison to the Free version, Business version offers you to create an unlimited amount of your custom fields in Task lists.

Example: Overview of meeting rooms occupancy

If you have more meeting rooms in your company and you do not have a system in place to show a clear overview of their occupancy, you can create a custom field in the Task list tool of the workspace.

You then create a list of meeting rooms and name them eg. Meeting room, Board room etc. This custom field allows you and your co-workers to book a specific meeting room without the hassle of double booking.

It’s perfect and easy.

Data export

Thanks to your own fields you can prepare relevant data for your client or boss under one roof. All the data can be exported in CVS so you do not have to waste your time by preparing documents again and again for different meetings.

The filters will save lots of your valuable time, because you can select what would you like to export. Fast, easy and always with current data!


Are you working simultaneously on more than one project? Do you sometimes need to pause a project and save it somewhere safe in order to find it exactly as you left it?

In that case you will be fond of our Archive function. Workspaces in LogicalPlan can be archived and you can come back to them anytime. You can rest assured that they will be saved securely. You won’t have to create them again but you just easily pull them out of the archive and pick up where you left off. 

All of the functions mentioned above and many more are to your disposal when using Business version.

Try Business version with our 14 day free trial

You can easily try it out for free to find out whether it is convenient for you and your team. How?

It is easy, go to your invoicing and change free version to a business one. You will have a 14 day free trial where you can find out if the Business version is beneficial and you are happy to carry on managing the projects or you can just go back to the free version. It is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of LogicalPlan does the application offer?

LogicalPlan has a version which is completely free. The Free version is perfect for teams that need an easy planning and managing workloads across all projects with confidence.

The Business version is designed for teams and organizations that need  a more customized experience for managing the whole team. You can try the Business version 14 days for free. Then you can return to the free version or continue using the Business version.

We are also preparing an Enterprise version, which will be primarily intended for teams that manage long-term projects in a large number of members, both internal and external and the functions offered by the Business version simply won’t be sufficient. For more information, contact our support and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

How does the 14-day free trial Business version work?

After switching from the free version to the business you start running a 14-day trial period. You can use all the features that the Business version includes. During the test period, you can decide whether to revert to the free version and you will not pay anything.

If you decide to use the Business version, the price for the app depends on the number of members your team has. Here you will find the actual pricing of the LogicalPlan app.

How do I pay for LogicalPlan?

We have split the payment for LogicalPlan based on the number of users. An individual can also use LogicalPlan. If you are using a team application, you pay according to the size of your team. Prices are listed on the website on the pricing page.

Can I pay monthly?

You can only pay monthly at this time. We are preparing more payment options for different time periods. It is therefore up to you to decide which option to choose in the future. You will be able to switch to another subscription at any time during the use of LogicalPlan.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay for LogicalPlan with a payment card via the secure payment gateway. Stripe is an international certified payment gateway, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your credit card details. In your LogicalPlan account, you will find a list of paid invoices.

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