1.3. Version FREE and BUSINESS – billing and subscription – FAQ

A quick overview of the plan types


This plan is completely free. You can add an unlimited number of members and create an unlimited number of projects. Is suitable for teams that need to easily plan and manage their workloads. Version FREE is for members team, which don’t need more complex project management.


Perfect for work teams and small or larger businesses that need control over more complex projects and collaboration across the organization and beyond (for example, with external collaborators). This version of LogicalPlan gives you the ability to plan a project at two levels independently on. It is about strategic planning and operational planning of projects. The LogicalPlan team recommended The business version for projects for longer than three months.

We are constantly developing and working on new features for our members. We collect feedback from you – our customers. We are creating a tool based on your needs that saves you time, money, and health. Thanks to LogicalPlan, you have an overview of your work team, external collaborators, and all your projects in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial period of BUSINESS version work?

Very simply. LogicalPlan BUSINESS version is accessible with all features without any limitations for 14 days for all users. You enter your credit card in the subscription section. You will not be charged for 14 free trial days. If you decide to use BUSINESS version after the trial period, we will issue an invoice, which you can find every month in the subscription overview. If you decide not to use the BUSINESS version, remove your credit card. You will automatically go back to FREE for free.

How do I pay for LogicalPlan?

We have split the payment for LogicalPlan into groups based on the number of members. An individual can also use LogicalPlan. If you are using a team application, you pay according to the size of your team. Prices are listed on our website. Go on the pricing page.

Where and how can I pay version BUSINESS?

In LogicalPlan, under the editing of your account, there is a subscription tab. You will add your payment card there. During the 14 trial days is the BUSINESS version for free. You will then be automatically issued an invoice, which can be found in your invoice list at the same location. From your connected credit card will automatically be charged for version BUSINESS each month based on your subscription type. You can remove your payment card from the subscription of version BUSINESS at any time and go to version FREE.

Can I pay monthly?

You can only pay monthly at this time. We are preparing more payment options for different time periods. It is therefore up to you to decide which option to choose in the future. You will be able to switch to another subscription at any time during the use of LogicalPlan.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay for LogicalPlan with a payment card via the Stripe.com secure payment gateway. Stripe is an international certified payment gateway, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your credit card details. In your LogicalPlan account, you will find a list of paid invoices.

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