Your first workspace in LogicalPlan

Workspace is a place where you create your working processes. It is not only your own work overview but you can also oversee your team here.

Workspace will carry all the important materials, information and communication in one place. It can represent anything that you are currently working on like for example the launch of a new product or marketing campaign. Workspace can also be any new project at your company.

We prepared practical use cases to help you better understand and inspire you in what workspace can be and how to utilize LogicalPlan app to its full potential. You will find them here.

2 types of workspaces: Public and private

There are two types of workspaces in LogicalPlan, public and private. The main difference is that the public one is accessible by all the team members while the private workspace is by invitation only.

TIP #1: Archive history for a better overview

If you want to keep the history of all the workspaces but you do not want to be cluttered with the ones you are not working on, shift them simply to the archive from where you can always bring them back, renew them or use the data for another project.

TIP #2: Public workspace as an internal company portal

Use the public workspace as an internal company portal where you can discuss team building or motivate your teammates.

2 types of member roles: Admin and member

In LogicalPlan we distinguish between two types of member roles: Workspace admin and Workspace member.

What performance do these two types of roles display within the workspaces?

Public workspace allows both workspace admin and workspace member to see the complete workspace and they can adjust it with no limitation.

Private workspace has a set of rules for members roles. Firstly you have to be invited to participate in the private workspace. Once the member is assigned to the private workspace, his or her role allows them the following:

Workspace admin

This role allows the member to access everything with no limitations.

Workspace member

This role limits a member so he can access tasks that are assigned to him if he is a follower of the task. He does not see other tasks.

See how easy it is to work with member roles

How can filters in Workspace help you?

For a better orientation of the Workspace section, we’ve set up a member-to-member filtering feature as well as one between public and private Workspaces.

You can view your Workspace in several different tools, however the default tool is the Task list. Other viewing tools are Mind Map and Timeline.

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