3.1. Get an overview of your work with My Tasks


The “My Tasks” section is an overview of all my tasks across all the projects I am responsible for or am a follower part of. We have two different views here. One is the timeline and the other is My board. In the upper bar on the right, I have an overview of the time I spent on tasks in the actual month (if you have been filling in the time in the task details). And there you will also find the number of tasks you have for the current month.

In the left column is displayed My board of all tasks (with and without the date of deadline). Their sorting order has exact rules. Upstairs are the tasks I have after the deadline. Below them are the tasks from the latest assignment.

Tip 1:
Thanks to the timeline, I can see the start and end dates for each of my tasks, so I know when they should be done by and can evaluate if I can finish them on time without delay.

Tip 2:
With My Board, I can create my own work system that has no impact on individual projects and members. It’s just my own way to sort the work. For example, I create task fields like Todo, In progress, and Done. From My board, I simply drag and drop tasks to the right fields using the drag and drop feature. A different work system is suited to each user. Thanks to My board, every user can create it. It will be more productive and satisfied.

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