My tasks – all your jobs in one place

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“My tasks” in LogicalPlan is like your own personal agenda. It is an area where each individual member can create their own personalized work structure without impacting any other workspace.

My tasks is an overview of all of your tasks across all the projects in which you are either an Assignee or a Follower. Simply put, My tasks is something that your team can’t get by.

My tasks – the complete overview of work

It is a type of view where you can see all your tasks across all your projects in a clear table.

You will find a filter in this tool which is essential for your work.  Would you like to see all the tasks with high priority? There is nothing easier than to use a “Priority” filter with can be removed, click on “high” and there you will have a list of all tasks with high priority.

Not only will this tool will give you a complete overview of your own work, but it also enables you to make conscious choices and prioritize. It is a time saver because the message is clear and the whole team knows what to work on and when.

You can see how many hours you have spent this month fulfilling the tasks and it also shows how many completed tasks out of all them you have done. Both of these attributes you will find on the right side just above the tools.

Thanks to “My tasks” each member of your team has his/her own space to organize the work and it is a great benefit for the whole team development.

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