1.6. Notifications that keep you in the picture!

When you work on multiple tasks at the same time or are part of multiple projects, it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything. But we’ve solved this problem for you with our Updates in LogicalPlan! There are two ways to be notified about updates.

Bell Icon Notifications

The first ones are notifications within the application.  Any changes made within the app that apply to you will appear below the bell icon in the left control panel. Say someone changes the due date on a task or adds new info about the task, you’ll be notified about this under the bell icon so that you’re never left out of the loop when changes occur. 

What changes the app will notify you about?


  • the team member adds you to the task and you become either a responsible person or a fellow worker
  • a new conversation started about the task detail
  • a new attachment was added to the task

You will be informed about every important update on the tasks so you will always be in the loop!

The owner of the licence will also receive special updates that will notify the holder about:

  • extending the licence
  • changes in the payment plans
  • expiring of the licence

You will see a general overview of all the changes. We don’t want to overwhelm you with every change at once, so when multiple changes take place on the same task, you’ll see all the changes in one line. It is very well-organized and will make the changes easier to process and understand.


Email Notifications

Email notifications are second type of alerts that you can receive in order to be informed about changes that are happening within the tasks. Those have to be individually set up by each member  in their profile based on their needs. 

Here you can see how can you benefit from e-mailed notifications. Enable notifications to let you send changes to members by email. How does it work in practice? When a work team colleague mentions you in the text with @nameofmember, the information is immediately sent to you by email. It’s so easy!

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