4.1. Your projects in LogicalPlan from start to finish

How to work with a project in LogicalPlan from start to finish


1st View – Mind map tool.
Plan the project structure using the mind map tool. This will create a visual map of the project that you can edit at any time during the project. It is also the only view of the project in LogicalPlan, thanks to which you can view the complete project at once.

Mind maps work in the same way that our brains think. In the mind map, you create a project structure by branching to individual groups. These groups you can create infinitely many. Every group can in the mind map always contains tasks. You can assign responsible persons to individual tasks, set the start and end dates for them, but this is not necessary at this stage. You can set everything in the next project view – Timeline.

If the project consists of several groups, then the team leader will schedule tasks, members, and deadlines again for each group. Making these plans usually requires a complete project support team. Therefore, the team leader needs to complete the work team first in order to make these detailed plans.


2nd View – Timeline.
The view of the project on Timeline is good especially because you have an overview of all the tasks how they go in a row. Our timeline contains several zooms. This allows you displaying the project in different time views. The timeline includes a column called BACKLOG, which contains tasks that do not have a start and end date. Read more about working in the Timeline here.


3rd View – Task list.
Your task list is the default view of the project. It is a table view that consists of task detail fields and custom fields. This allows you to organize your tasks into different categories, such as “in progress” or “high priority”. Some of the fields are already predefined with headlines, but you can add others based on your own requirements. You can then export the data from this view to share with your clients or boss, for example.


4th View – Long term schedule
This tool gives you the ability to plan a project at two levels independently on. Long term scheduler is designed for strategic project planning. We especially recommend using the Long term schedule for projects spanning 3 months or more. Check more information here.


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