4.2. How to mind map your project structure effectively

Mind map tool


Why is the mind map tool in LogicalPlan necessary for your work?

In LogicalPlan we use the mind map tool to create a project structure. It is the only complete view of the project. You can edit the structure at any time during the project.

Mind maps work in the same way that our brains think. In the mind map, you create a project structure by branching to individual groups. These groups you can create infinitely many. Every group can in the mind map always contains tasks. You can assign responsible Assignee to individual tasks, set the start and end dates for them. Let’s see together how it works in practice.


Mind maps don’t limit your creativity or thought processes

A mind map is a brainstorming tool that helps you to take notes and explore and visualize ideas. It starts with a central idea, topic, theme, or event, with lots of other ideas and topics branching off it. The result is a map of your ideas and how they are connected to each other, allowing you to get everything out of your head and onto your computer screen.

Mind maps are a good combination of creative and logical thinking. People like using mind maps for creating the initial structure of a project.

You do not need to set up tasks for the Assignee person and execution time in the Mind map tool. All tasks that do not have their start and end times set will become part of a column called BACKLOG. This column is part of the Timeline view. Read more about BACKLOG here.

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