4.4. Get control of your team workload with LogicalPlan



Setting up a project along a timeline is an extremely important part of planning. Especially when you have a project completion date to meet. In the LogicalPlan timeline, all task groups and tasks are transferred from the Mind Map tool onto your timeline. If times are added to tasks, they appear directly on the timeline at the dates set for them. Other tasks without dates are saved in the Backlog. From there, you can simply drag them onto the timeline using the drag and drop feature.

Organize task groups on the timeline to make things easier for you. When working with the timeline, you have the option of sorting individual tasks into groups under each other. Once created, you can just grab the group and move it up or down. All tasks belonging to the group are automatically transferred to it.

Keep your team’s workload under control

You can see the Workload of your team not only in the Timeline view but in Mind map tool or in Task list, at the bottom of the screen. By pulling out the tab at the bottom, a complete overview of all members with all their tasks across all projects is displayed. This makes project planning easier. At first glance, you will have an overview of whether your team will be able to complete all their tasks and meet the project deadline you have set.

When you select the Assignee for a task, the task is automatically displayed under the member in the team’s workload. It is possible from all views of project – Mind map tool, Timeline and Task list).

(GIF – ze všech tří pohledů / výběr odpovědné osoby za úkol a zobrazení na team workload)

You will prevent your Team workload from becoming overloaded thanks to the member workload view. This helps you to avoid placing your team or any individual member under high pressure. Work will be more efficient and you might even find that you have time reserves in your team that you can easily reveal.

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