4.5. Make your project flow with LogicalPlan

Create task workflows using Task dependencies

Create links between tasks that are dependent on each other. It is a function that guarantees you a smooth project run. Thanks to continuity, you eliminate the risk of completing the project after the deadline. Task dependencies ensure that members work smoothly on tasks in the right order.

You can create task dependencies from one task to multiple tasks, or you can create task dependencies from multiple tasks to one. Links can be created from the beginning or end of the task. Watch a short video that shows you all the options for setting task dependencies.


Workflow is the definition, execution, and automation of business processes where tasks, information, or documents are passed from one member to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

It will be clear at first sight that the interconnection between tasks means that you cannot start working on the next task until the previous one is completed.

Tip 1:
These task dependencies will help you avoid disruption in performing individual tasks. None of your team will have to stop their work while they wait for a previous task to be completed. Your project will go smoothly according to the schedule you set.

Tip 2:
If you have multiple tasks linked to each other and the project schedule changes, you don’t have to move each task separately. You grab the linked tasks as a set and move them anywhere in time. It’s really easy!

Tip 3:
You could use task dependencies too after you create a project structure, find several tasks (junction points) that you connect by Task dependencies. This will create a critical project path.

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