Keep your meetings organized using LogicalPlan

Workspaces can be used in many ways. Not only for specific projects or products but thanks to them you can easily organize your company’s internal processes.

LogicalPlan helps to avoid poor organization of meetings and chaos

Therefore, there is nothing easier than to create a  workspace with the name “Meetings” in our LogicalPlan application.

Make this workspace published so that all of your members in your company can access it. Create a clear project structure. Name the Task Groups based on months of the year. Every new task in each specific Task Group will then represent one meeting.

The task assignee will be the person responsible for the meeting. You simply add participating members to a task. These may also be externalists.

Checklist can be used as bullet points for the meeting’s main topics, it is a list of items that will be the subject of the meeting. This helps members get ready.

Members can communicate through the Discussion section below where everyone can see their comments.

See how simple it is to create a workspace “meeting” in LogicalPlan

Tip #1: Time overview of meeting rooms occupancy

In the Task list tool create your custom status field called eg. “ MEETING ROOM”.  Each colour can represent different meeting rooms available in your company.

Next custom text field  called eg.”TIME” will show time occupancy of the chosen meeting room. These custom fields ensure perfect time overview of meeting rooms occupancy for your entire company. It’s easy!

Tip #2: Avoiding email clutter

You can have all your meeting documents as part of your tasks. The attachment may include various documents, pictures, external links, videos and much more.

By doing so, LogicalPlan will allow you and your co-workers (or external workers) to avoid email clutter.

The most common practical problems addressed by this case study

  • Does it happen in your company that you forget to arrange a room reservation with a projector or a flip chart? Do you sometimes have an important meeting but someone has taken your room? Because of these minor misunderstandings, you are wasting your time. This creates unnecessary confusion and moves people to other rooms. Save yourself and your teammates in these situations. Work visually with LogicalPlan.
  • Do you come to company meetings with lots of papers in hand and then you have to familiarize the whole team with their content? Or do you forget any of the important documents at home? First, you lose time in the meeting, and secondly, it can simply happen that everyone will not perceive everything you tell them. LogicalPlan offers you a simple solution. Keep everything written in one place. Where your entire team gets to meet. All members will be informed in advance of what will be discussed in the meeting. So you won’t be explaining what you plan to discuss. Finally, you won’t forget anything. It’s easy!
  • Can’t you catch any important notes from meetings? Long discussions make it easy for you to miss important ideas. Are you overwhelmed with a lot of information and are not able to catch everything? These and many other problems arise commonly in team meetings or client meetings. Keep everything in one place in LogicalPlan. Make one list of important notes of the meeting, which will not miss anything important. The entire team will have access to the listing. Don’t waste your time and work efficiently with LogicalPlan.

Stay productive with LogicalPlan!

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