Communicate with your clients through LogicalPlan with no registration

You would know very well how difficult it is to communicate with clients, especially when you work with more than one at the same time. The most common way is through emails, but it is very easy to lose track or to find the one you are looking for. In reality you actually spend …… time to search for emails during one business day. That time could definitely be used more effectively. LogicalPlan has an amazing feature that will solve tracking your communication easy peasy.

Imagine a project in LogicalPlan with its structure, tasks groups and tasks set up and you have started to work on its individual tasks. You stumble upon a situation where you need a client’s approval for example for a new banner design for their marketing campaign. “Invite guest” feature will than come handy.

Just open the task detail where the new banner designs for approval are uploaded, invite the client to the task but as a guest member. You will do that by typing client’s email. He or she will then receive an automated email with a direct link to the particular task detail you would like them to be involved in. The client DOES NOT have to register for LogicalPlan. 

Client can: 

  • Communicate with you through the comment window
  • Add attachments
  • Download attachments
  • See only one particular task detail

Clinet cannot:

  • Change the task setting
  • Browse any part of the LogicalPlan

This feature allows you to cooperate with an unlimited amount of guests. 

It is a fast solution for your communication needs that will save your time. Do you remember how you solved these situations before? It was a headache. Well, it’s time to start working effectively with LogicalPlan.

What can you gain? 

  • All your work communication will be in one place 

(not only with your own team but also with the clients and other externalists)

  • Easy cooperation thanks to which you will not have to look up important files 
  • Easy tracking of communication with your clients. 

Try it with us today!

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