Do you need a back up plan? Be prepared with LogicalPlan

Maybe you were lucky that you hadn’t had to solve any unexpected issues. Or you may have encountered unpleasant situation before and it really affected your schedule. So let’s have a look at how you can be prepared when a team member for example drops out unexpectedly?

In the LogicalPlan application simply set up a template for the exact procedure of finding a new member into the company. Thanks to this template, which you will always have handy, you will save a lot of your time and time of your colleagues. There will be a clear overview of how much the entire workspace of “finding a new employee” takes time. Last but not least, you will automate the processes in your company. Which is always a step forward!

In the first step, we create a workspace called “New Member of the company”. We go straight to the Mind map tool view, where we create the project structure. We recommend using a visual overview of the project structure for this project. The structure will be easier to create. Another bonus is that with this view you forget less points that are related to the project and must be done.

The next step is to divide the project into groups of tasks such as Content (description of team member function), Marketing (promotion on social networks, advertising portals, etc.) and Documents (creation of employment contract, health check, etc.). You can expand a project structure at any time based on your internal experience.

In the end, you just fill the task groups with specific tasks. These may include, for example, the following tasks: for content – creating an advertisement, for marketing: setting up promotion of a post, and for documents: employment contract. Try to be as specific as possible.

Once you start looking for a new member of your team, simply open the workspace template, assign individual tasks to responsible people and set a due date for tasks. Set up the project in minutes and your team will be up to date with what to do. There is nothing simpler and more efficient than automating the company’s internal processes with LogicalPlan!

Tip 1:

With a template, you won’t have to teach anyone anything new and just simply assign this project to a member with particular strength in this field. Thanks to a predefined procedure, this otherwise difficult task is easy to do. Try it!

Tip 2:

All the templates can be saved as attachments within the tasks. 
Eg. interview question, contracts, health check

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