Effective communication with external suppliers? Yes,it is possible with LogicalPlan

Is emailing the most common way of communication with external suppliers? Are you tired of looking up important emails or documents? Would you like to have all the communication in one spot? You might be interested in the LogicalPlan app feature “invite guest” thanks to which you can easily cooperate and communicate with external suppliers. Let us introduce you to this great feature on an example below.

Let us show you how easy it all can be with LogicalPlan app. 

When organizing for example “New product launch” event, communication with external suppliers is a key and is used on an everyday basis. Lets create “new product launch” workspace with its complete structure using Mind map tool. (it consists of Task groups and individual tasks)  By using Timeline tool let’s set up the workspace’ schedule.Now you are ready to start working on particular tasks.

“Venue/Congress centre” is sourced from an external supplier and it is one of the task details. All the information regarding the place where the new product launch will be held including dates, time and cost for example will all need to be confirmed by the congress centre.  To make the communication flowing just open the task detail “Venue/congress centre”, invite the client to the task but as a guest member. You will do that by typing client’s email, he or she will then receive an automated email with a direct link to the particular task detail you would like them to be involved in. The client DOES NOT have to register for LogicalPlan. 

Client can: 

  • Communicate with you through the comment window
  • Add attachments like a booking form or invoice
  • Download/ upload attachments like an order form for example
  • See only one particular task detail

Client cannot:

  • Change the task setting
  • Browse any part of the LogicalPlan

This feature allows you to cooperate with an unlimited amount of guests. 

It is a fast solution for your communication needs that will save your time. Do you remember how you solved these situations before? It was a headache. Well, it’s time to start working effectively with LogicalPlan.

What can you gain? 

  • All your work communication will be in one place 

(not only with your own team but also with the clients and other externalists)

  • Easy cooperation thanks to which you will not have to look up important files 
  • Easy tracking of communication with your clients and suppliers.

Try it with us today!

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