Schedule work using timeline

Time is one of the most important aspects of the project. Therefore, the Timeline is a necessary tool for working on workspaces. But you already surely know that. Therefore, we have prepared more time zoom options to help you get the most out of the Timeline tool. LogicalPlan displays workspaces in intervals of one week, one month and one year. You can easily switch between time intervals using the plus and minus sings.

TIP #1: The easy timeline control

You can move sideways along the timeline in the row where the date is by simply dragging the mouse.

TIP #2:

However, if you have a long-term project, we recommend you use our display workspace for one year. This is a simple view where one column represents one week.

TIP #3: The perfect meeting background of your meeting

If you need to show the project progress to the client or your supervisor and do not want to go into detail, then this tool is the perfect basis for the meeting.


An integral part of the timeline is the BACKLOG column on the left-hand side. It is filled with all the tasks you have created in the Workspace overview and have not given a specific date yet. These are automatically transferred to the BACKLOG section. From there, simply drag and drop each task to the workspace timeline. It is so easy!

Task dependencies

You can create task dependencies. This is a function that guarantees you a smooth running of the project. Thanks to continuity, you eliminate the risk of completing the project after the deadline. Task dependencies ensures that users work smoothly on tasks in the right order.

You can create dependencies from one task to multiple tasks, or you can create dependencies from multiple tasks to one only. Links can be created from the beginning or end of the task.

TIP #4: The linked tasks as a set on the Timeline tool

If you have multiple tasks linked to each other and the project schedule changes, you don’t have to move each task separately. You grab the linked tasks as a set and move them anywhere in time together. It’s really effective!

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